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HR Buddy has a plan for everyone.

From an SME with a once off query to a corporate client that is looking to gain a competitive edge. From our online consultations and Online HR portal package to our premium HR consultancy package and payroll coverage, we provide options and flexibility for every Business type and size.

HR Buddy Online

Self-managed & easy to understand HR content portal, available 24/7 and paid for by monthly subscription.

HR Buddy Outsource

Bespoke outsourced HR & payroll department with unlimited support across a broad range of functions, putting your HR compliance and people management in our expert hands.

HR Buddy Compliance

Tailored policies, employee handbooks, staff contracts and documents to ensure your meeting your basic HR compliance requirements.

HR Buddy

1-2-1 coaching sessions and training courses for a wide range of specific HR problems & solutions.

HR Buddy Features and Benefits​

Whether you choose our free subscription or our premium package, HR Buddy has a range of benefits to suit your business. Here are just some of the features

HR News & Advice

Get our latest HR news and advisory articles with answers to your FAQs

Online Consultation

Get advice without making the commitment to one of our monthly plans

Training & Resources

Extensive guidance for your business across a broad range of HR functions - videos included!

Your HR Partner

Working with clients on site, we offer support and coaching along with Payroll services.

Employment Contracts

Comprehensive guides for employers to assist creating employment contracts and handbooks

Performance Management

One 2 one coaching or training for specific HR problems & solutions - videos included!

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HR Buddy has a range of benefits to suit your business

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HR Buddy is a forward thinking approach to HR compliance and people management. We can help your business to go from strength to strength and move to next level through a consistent continuous improvement approach.

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HR Buddy has a range of benefits to suit your business

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Recruitment solutions – What is Job Ghosting

a very competitive labour market is obviously leading to this and it can be very frustrating and costly for the employer who invests time in the recruitment process and onboarding of a new hire and but only then for the potential candidate or even successful candidate cutting off all contact!
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There is common mistakes and mishaps that can happen and leave an employer liable. Very often workplaces throw caution to the wind with these events but they should plan and consider, because whilst most workplace Christmas parties end up being great fun events, some things can go wrong and when they do, they can go badly wrong. So, employers need to plan properly.
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We offer flexible HR packages for all Business. Employee contracts & staff handbooks, HR Recruiter

1 month ago

Delighted to chat with Ray Darcy today on a slightly different and more positive slant on Quiet Quitting. listen 👇 064 6698034 #hrconsultancy #hrsolutions #hrrecruiter ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Delighted to be asked to write this article for todays Irish ExaminerWorkplaces need to nurture Gen Z and adapt to the qualities this highly educated and technologically savvy generation will bring to the future of workplaces. 064 6698034 #hrrecruiter #hrconsultant #hrsolutions ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

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2 months ago

Delighted to answer this Business Post readers query in todays paper.It is a challenging time for many and business owners dealing with spiralling wage demands from their struggling workers can be an extremely difficult situation. There is however, options that you can consider in this circumstance and roundabout ways of getting money back into your workers pockets, outside of increasing pay rates at a time when it may not be viable to do so. 064 6698034 #business #businessowners #hrsolutions #hrrecruiter #CostOfLivingCrisis ... See MoreSee Less
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