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Damien McCarthy - CEOHR Buddy
HR Buddy

HR Buddy Newsletter March 2022

Two new codes of practice
1.The Code of Practice on Equal Pay provides employers, trade unions and employees with practical guidance on the right to equal pay, how to eliminate pay inequality, and how to resolve pay disputes.

2.The Code of Practice on Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work sets out what is meant by employment-related sexual harassment and harassment and outlines how it can be prevented.

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News update
HR Buddy

Red weather alert – advice for employers

Absence during extreme weather events

When an employee cannot attend work because of extreme weather events, is the employer obliged to pay the employee?

In general, there is no statutory entitlement for an employee to be paid if they cannot attend work because of extreme weather. Any more beneficial arrangement is a matter for agreement between the employer and the employee.

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