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We provide expert coaching and training for business owners and people managers, depending on your HR requirement.

Our bespoke coaching and training courses are designed to offer support and solutions to your HR problems, and help your people managers gain a better understanding and execution of best practice HR policies & procedures.

What is HR Buddy Coach?

We offer 1 to 1 coaching specific HR problems & solutions where we will answer your queries, give advice or provide once off coaching online, via a 1-2-1 consultation. 

We can also do personalised site visits to conduct interviews, investigations and do general meetings as required.

Our 1 to 1 coaching can cover endless HR topics such as;

  • Grievance and disciplinary
  • Remote working policies
  • Health, safety & welfare
  • Annual leave
  • Working hours & rest breaks
  • Redundancies
  • Exit interviews

Training Courses for People Managers

We provide a range of different HR Training Courses for People Managers, which are delivered over a 3-month period.


HR Training for People Managers

This 3-month course, delivered over 6 sessions, is designed to help people managers gain a better knowledge of employment law and become capable everyday leaders by understanding and executing best practice HR policies & procedures, ensuring legal compliance and continuous improvement from their people to their business.

Topics covered include:

  1. Best practice Documents, Policies & Procedures
  2. Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
  3. Employment Contracts – A guide for employers
  4. Employee Code of Conduct, Behaviours and Principles
  5. Maximum & Minimum working hours and rest breaks: An Employers guide
  6. Leave & Absence Management Policies

The Management of Remote working

This 3-month course delivered over 6 sessions is designed to help people managers gain a better knowledge & understanding of how they can effectively manage their remote working personnel & teams.

There are challenges in the shift to home and remote working, and managers who adapt to that shift successfully (and the business that they are part of) will prevail.

Topics covered include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Working Hours
  • Data Protection
  • Confidentiality
  • Monitoring employees
  • Developing a Home/Remote Working Policy
  • Designing a clear thought out policy that fits

The Probationary period & Induction

Building successful employments for your teams

This 3-month course delivered over 6 sessions is designed to help people managers gain a strong capability to effectively on-board a new team member and ensure that they can implement & execute a best practice and fit for purpose probation period and induction programme that will guarantee their business, success.

Topics covered include:

  • Induction training & the probationary period
  • Laying a solid foundation for the successful employment of a new hire
  • How to implement an induction programme
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • The probationary period & the legalities
  • How to implement a successful probationary period
  • The probationary review and how to design one
  • Designing an introduction to employment that leads to success for your business

Performance Management

Creating a High-Performance Development Culture

This 3-month course delivered over 6 sessions is designed to help people managers gain a better knowledge & understanding of how they can effectively manage their personnel & teams by developing & executing a high-performance development structure that leads to continuous improvement, innovation, growth and success. Performance management is the activity and set of processes that aim to maintain and improve employee performance. Its aim is to ensure that employees contribute positively to your business.

Topics covered include:

  • How to develop a performance management system fit for purpose
  • How to prepare for an employee evaluation meeting
  • How to conduct the employee evaluation session

Exclusive Training for SME Business owners

Being a business owner is a lonely place. As a Business owner, you know what you are doing, but people management takes a whole different set of skills. 4 questions?

  1. Do you hire the wrong people sometimes?
  2. Is People management one of your biggest challenges?
  3. Do your best people always leave?
  4. Do you find Employment Law and HR queries scary?

This Training course is designed specifically for SME Business owners who need help & guidance in managing their people and getting to a place where effective People Management becomes a reason for your growth and success and;

  • You make the right recruitment decisions for your Business
  • You retain and attract the best people
  • You are not worried about dealing with Employment Law & HR challenges

If you think HR Buddy Coach is the right solution for your business, book a 1 to 1 coaching session or book a discovery call to learn more about our training courses.

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