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2022 – The year of Workplace trends and buzzwords

Career cushioning

“Career cushioning” — another term borrowed from the world of dating — means cushioning for whatever comes next in the economy and job market, taking actions to keep your options open.

Career cushioning is the end of year term for 2022, in light of high profile lay-offs in the tech world and continuing worry of the cost-of-living crisis and threat of a possible recession. The worker’s reaction is to create a safety net or a back-up if it all goes wrong.

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Advice for workplaces during severe weather events

Is the employer obliged to pay the employee?
In general, there is no statutory entitlement for an employee to be paid if they cannot attend work because of extreme weather. Any more beneficial arrangement is a matter for agreement between the employer and the employee.

Employers are encouraged to take a long-term view of the working relationship, recognising that demonstrating concern for the welfare of employees and treating employees fairly translates into a better working environment to the benefit of both the staff and the employer.

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Public holiday entitlements for workers Christmas 2022

Every year there appears to be great confusion about public holiday entitlements of workers at Christmas time.

Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day are public holidays.
Even when a public holiday falls on a day which is not a ‘normal working day’ for that business (for example, on Saturday or Sunday), employees are still entitled to benefit for that public holiday.

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Recruitment solutions – What is Job Ghosting

a very competitive labour market is obviously leading to this and it can be very frustrating and costly for the employer who invests time in the recruitment process and onboarding of a new hire and but only then for the potential candidate or even successful candidate cutting off all contact!

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