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Recruitment solutions – What is Job Ghosting

a very competitive labour market is obviously leading to this and it can be very frustrating and costly for the employer who invests time in the recruitment process and onboarding of a new hire and but only then for the potential candidate or even successful candidate cutting off all contact!

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HR Buddy

HR Buddy experiences of Women in the Workplace

58% of women say they have experienced harassment in their workplace, 4 in 5
experienced sexualised comments being made towards them at work whilst 3 out of 4 say
they are not confident that they will not experience harassment in the future.

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Covid 19
HR Buddy

5 things employers need to watch out for as we prepare for the lifting of workplace restrictions:

Wellbeing is going to be critical. People have been impacted in different ways. Some may have lost a love one, some may have struggled financially, a lot will have gotten used to doing things differently, many will have a different outlooks and sets of values out the other side of this. Parents who were working from home may see detachment issues with their young children, when they return to the office. Some will have thrived through homeworking, some will have hated it and although many employees will be happy to see restrictions lifted, there will still caution and a worry with regard to health & safety in the workplace as the restrictions may have eased but the threat of Covid-19 still remains in the background.

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