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HR Limerick

Limerick is a thriving hub for businesses of all sizes.

As your organisation grows, managing the complexities of human resources (HR) becomes increasingly important.

This guide provides resources and insights to help you manage your workforce effectively.


HR services in Limerick

Limerick boasts a diverse range of HR services tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. 

Whether your company needs help with payroll management, compliance with Irish employment laws, or navigating redundancies, local HR providers offer tailored support to meet your specific needs.

Depending on your business, you might find some of these services helpful:

Find an HR consultant in Limerick

Partnering with an experienced HR consultant in Limerick offers several benefits:

  • Tailored solutions: Consultants analyse your specific needs and develop customized HR strategies to address them.
  • Expertise: They leverage their knowledge of Irish employment law and best practices to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.
  • Cost-effectiveness: HR consultants can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time HR professional.
  • Increased efficiency: They can help you streamline HR processes, saving you valuable time and resources.

Looking for an HR consultant in Limerick? Call HR Buddy on 064 669 8034. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help your business thrive.

HR recruitment agencies

Local recruitment agencies in Limerick can be invaluable when you’re hiring qualified professionals for your team.

How recruitment agencies add value to your organisation:

  • Have a deep understanding of the Limerick employment market
  • Can source candidates with the skills and experience you require
  • Handle the initial screening process, saving you time and resources
  • Offer guidance on compensation and benefits packages

Benefits of using an HR consultant in Limerick

Investing in a trusted HR consultant in Limerick provides several key benefits:

  • Compliance: They can help you stay compliant with complex Irish employment laws, minimising the risk of penalties
  • Good employee relations: Consultants can provide guidance on managing employee grievances and fostering a positive work environment
  • Strategic HR: They can collaborate with you to develop a long-term HR strategy aligned with your business goals
  • Improved HR processes: Consultants can identify inefficiencies and recommend ways to streamline business functions

Types of HR services we offer

HR Buddy is your one-stop shop for all your HR needs in Limerick. We have extensive experience in HR in Ireland, CIPD qualified human resource professionals. Set up by managing Director Damien McCarthy, we have a strong reputation in providing our clients with HR best practice advice and cost-effective solutions.

Some of our services include:

HR documentation review: Reviewing and/ or creating compliant contracts of employment and employee handbooks.

Recruitment and onsite HR: Streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a smooth new employee experience.

Outsourced payroll processing: Managing payroll accurately and efficiently.

Employee performance management: Establishing clear performance expectations and providing feedback to employees.

Employee relations: Ensuring employment legislation is upheld and fostering a positive work environment.

HR training courses: Providing employees with opportunities to learn as well as contribute to organisations’ scalability.

Cost-effective HR solutions for Limerick businesses

HR Buddy offers cost-effective HR support for businesses of all sizes in Limerick. Whether you need occasional guidance or ongoing support, we can tailor our services to fit your budget and specific requirements.

We focus on ensuring your business follows employment legislation so that you’re free to focus on core activities.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your HR needs and explore how we can help your business succeed in Limerick.

Phone 064 669 8034 or use the contact form below to get in touch.

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