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HR Compliance

Our expert team specialises in providing comprehensive HR compliance solutions.

HR Buddy recognises the importance of ensuring HR compliance to uphold the integrity of your business and protect your employees.

We are your trusted partner in ensuring that your organisation operates within the bounds of Irish law and fosters a fair and inclusive workplace.

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What is HR compliance?

HR compliance simply means that your business abides by all relevant employment laws, regulations, and company policies that govern the employer-employee relationship.

This involves creating policies, contracts, handbooks, keeping records, training programmes,  ensuring compliance with wage and hour regulations.

It also refers to documenting disciplinary actions, and complying with health and safety regulations and privacy and data protection practices, as well as many more aspects.

The impact of non compliance with Irish employment law can be serious and have far-reaching consequences for your business.

Our human resources professionals will ensure HR compliance within your organisation, leaving you to focus on your core business.

Call our friendly team today for support with your HR compliance or other HR services for your business. 

HR compliance checklist for businesses in Ireland

Our HR consultants conduct comprehensive compliance audits of your HR function.

We identify where improvements are needed, review current practices and provide benchmarks. The below checklist outlines are the primary areas of HR compliance:


  • Abide by equality and anti-discrimination legislation when recruiting and interviewing potential new staff
  • Job descriptions should clearly define the role requirements and person specification
  • All applicants must be treated fairly and must not be discriminated against on the grounds of any protected classes
  • Applicants should demonstrate (with documentation) that they are are legally permitted to work in Ireland

Employment contracts:

  • Ensure that all new employees have a written statement of the core terms of employment within the first five days of employment
  • Issue new employees a written statement of the remaining terms of employment within one month of starting work

Wage and hour compliance:

  • Adhere to minimum wage requirements set by the National Minimum Wage Act
  • Monitor and comply with working time regulations, including limits on working hours and provisions for breaks

Employee leave policies:

  • Implement and communicate policies on annual leave, public holidays, statutory protective leave and other types of leave in compliance with the Organisation of Working Time Act

Equality and anti-discrimination:

  • Promote equality and diversity within the workplace, complying with the Employment Equality Acts
  • Train employees and management on anti-discrimination policies and practices

Data protection and privacy:

  • Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by implementing robust data protection policies and procedures
  • Obtain and manage employee consent for processing personal data where necessary

Health and safety:

  • Create and maintain a safe working environment in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act
  • Conduct a risk assessment and ensure employees receive appropriate health and safety training
  • Comply with reporting accidents rules set down by the Health and Safety Authority

Employee handbook:

  • Develop and distribute an employee handbook that outlines company policies and procedures, ensuring employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities

Disciplinary and dismissal procedures:

  • Have clear and compliant grievance and disciplinary procedures in place as outlined by the Workplace Relations Commission in their Code of Practice
  • Ensure that correct documentation is issued and recorded in the event of a dismissal
  • Create and follow redundancy regulations, including providing proper notice and adhering to redundancy laws outlined in the Redundancy Payments Acts

Trade union relations:

  • Understand and comply with laws related to trade unions, collective bargaining, and industrial relations
  • Foster open communication and positive relationships with employee representatives

Pension provision:

  • Comply with the Pensions Act by offering an appropriate pension scheme and providing necessary information to employees

Employee records:

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of employee information, including contracts, performance reviews, and disciplinary actions
  • Follow data protection legislation when handling CVs and sensitive employee information

Union and whistleblowing policies:

  • Ensure your policies follow union law compliance
  • Establish a whistleblowing policy to encourage employees to report any unethical behaviour or wrongdoing within the organization

Training and development:

Immigration compliance:

  • If applicable, ensure compliance with immigration laws for employees who are not citizens of Ireland

Continuous compliance monitoring:

  • Regularly review and update HR policies and practices to adapt to changes in Irish employment laws
  • Conduct periodic internal audits to identify and address any potential compliance issues

Tax and PRSI

  • As an employer, you must register with Revenue
  • Manage the deductions of tax, PRSI and Universal Social Charge from your employees’ wages for the purposes of processing to Revenue

When conducting HR audits, we focus on assessing compliance with existing employment legislation.

Our goal is to provide effective support to help you achieve organisational goals.

What employment policies are required by law?​

In general, most businesses will need to develop organisational policies that are compliant with relevant employment legislation. Some of these include hours of work, payment, safety, leave, break times, grievances, disciplinary, bullying and equality.

There are multiple complex employment acts and regulations in the Irish statute books that businesses are required to follow.

Some of these include:

Due to the complexity of Irish employment laws, businesses may find it challenging to navigate compliance requirements. Our HR services are designed to assist you in understanding and complying with these obligations.

Further, laws are updated regularly and we ensure you have the most up-to-date information about how to remain compliant.

Trust HR Buddy for HR compliance

Our commitment to your business doesn’t end with an audit of your employment policies and HR practices.

We provide ongoing support, including training programmes for hiring managers to ensure a culture of compliance that becomes ingrained in your organisational DNA.

HR leaders can benefit from compliance training on applicable laws.

We offer advisory as well as placement solutions to ensure HR compliance best practices.

Entrusting us with your HR compliance issues ensures that your business meets its statutory compliance obligations.

Our dedicated team is well-versed in Irish employment law, ensuring that your organisation follows updated legislation.

We proactively address compliance challenges, staying abreast of evolving regulatory landscapes to shield your business from potential risks.

By partnering with us, you gain a reliable ally in managing compliance complexities, enabling your focus on core business activities while we handle the intricacies of regulatory compliance with government agencies.

Trust us to safeguard your organisation’s integrity and uphold the highest standards of HR compliance.

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HR compliance isn’t just about meeting legal requirements; it’s about protecting your company’s reputation.

HR Buddy promotes ethical practices, transparency and a commitment to employee rights, contributing to a positive public image.

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